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Fleet 15 Register

Yacht Name Sail Number Owner(s) Crew  (S=Skipper) Photos
Catalyst 1218 Stuart and Justine Minchin Stuart Minchin (S)
Justine Minchin
Matt Minchin
Liesel Hardege
Tony McRae
Larriken II 1122
Stardust 793
Tambo II 959 Bill Newman Darren Pickering (S)
Chris Berretta
Stephan ?
Rebecca ?
Time Out 1256
Thunderdownunder 1224 Dale Anderson and Peter Geeles Peter Geeles (0.5 S)
Dale Anderson (0.5 S)
Werewolf 1259 Geoff Wolf Geoff Wolf (S)
White Pointer 1225 Kevin Battye