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Fleet 15 News

News Flashes!!

Baradine Boys Buy Spirit of Alcoa!!
The Baradine boys have purchased Spirit of Alcoa and have renamed her to her original name of "Scarecrow". Their first race showed the potential of the new boat in their hands, narrowly missing out on first place due to a navigational error. (According to the boys they were so used to following other boats, they didn't know what to do when out in front!!) Watch out for these fellows as they will be a force in the upcoming State Titles!!

Darren Pickering Takes on Presidency
Congratulations to Darren Pickering who has taken on the Fleet 15 Presidency after the departure of Bill Trueman (who recently sold his Thunderbird). Darren is keen to get things moving with Fleet 15 and will be organising the State Titles as one of his first tasks.

Darren and Stefan purchase Larriken II
Congratulations to Darren Pickering and Stefan Treurniet who have entered the wonderful and expensive world of boat ownership. Darren and Stefan have crewed on Tambo II for many years with Bill Newman and now have their own, very competetive thunderbird. The rest of the fleet will have difficulty catching the boys this year!

Bill Trueman takes on the role of president for Fleet 15
Jeff Wolff has finally managed to wriggle out of the presidency after repeatedly asking for volunteers over the last year. Jeff has done a sterling job for Fleet 15 and we thank him for all the time he has put in. Bill is looking forward to the challenges of the role and we can all look forward to an exciting season.


Fleet 15 Newsletters

Fleet 15 Newsletter (April 2000)