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Torquay is one of the best wave sailing spots in Australia and so it should be since it has produced wave sailors like Jason Polokow. If you are also into traditional surfing this area is one of the best in the world with famous breaks like Bells Beach and 13th beach in close proximity. Most of the wave sailing is done at Point Danger in the middle of Torquay and a 2 minute walk from the local caravan park. A beautiful cross-shore wind can be had on a south westerly and there are a few different breaks for people of differing expertise levels to try. (I will provide more info on this page soon!!) Closest shops are Strapper on the main road to Geelong and West Coast Water Sports in Bellarine St., Geelong. Torquay is also the home of the Torquay Fin Co. which is located on Bells Bvd. in Jan Juc.





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